Monday, April 18, 2011

Rockstar Recovery Orange Energy Drink Review

Rockstar Recovery Orange's can actually has a bit of an edgy feel, especially with the font choice and the inhibited background graphic. Sadly though, and unlike the other recently released grape variety, everything ends up looking garroted by all the unorganized visuals. And while the fatiguing presence of writing is certainly an issue, the now so prevalent backdrop is most likely the main cause. It clashes and stirs up clutter with the angled black trimmed star, and the virile colour assaults and seizes your eyes immediately, instead of just simply capturing their attention.

Your palate initially describes a smooth orange flavour that tastes far more like Sunny D than the actual fruit. There's a small complementing sourness to the citrus, and the micro saccharinity provides an enjoyably muted sweetness that's pleasurably different from what's typical of such flavours. The irresolute sugariness, however, is not auspiciously authentic to taste, as there's a distinct emptiness and lack of any salubriousness feel. The artificial sweeteners are to blame here, and the expectation of this happening allows for some forgiveness. But since they obviously can't produce the intended naturalness that the rest of the flavour craves, it really bemuses one as to why an attempt was even made. Don't read me wrong- each sip was assuredly far from repugnant, and you'd be hard pressed to find one who can't finish the entire can, but the overall flavour just wasn't cohesively constructed.

I felt a three hour buzz, give or take, and I didn't have jitters. I also didn't observe any sort of crash, but like always the hydration artifice is too obtuse of a statement for me to successfully comment on. In the end, Rockstar Recovery Orange's overall quality is about on par with its recently released brother, but Monster's attempt at stabbing the market is a stronger and more focused entry.

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