Saturday, December 3, 2016

Surge Soda Review

Back from the dead a few years ago, this slow moving zombie only recently made its way onto store rather than exclusively online shelves. That is right, twenty-somethings, it is your favorite Mtn Dew clone Surge, Coke's infamous attempt after lusting over the over sweet, caffeinated soda sub-genre. But enough Wikipedia history. Its can is a tall green one, with a very 90's red splat and almost comic-sans font logo.

A flood of high fructose corn syrup and muddled citrus notes boom out from the can as you take your first sip of this toxic-green colored concoction. Saccharine grapefruit is the star here, intransigent flavor with super tempered citrus notes. Most notably, there is lime, building atop and imbues every imbibe with a assuaged sourness and pacified zest. Orange fairs better, a fresher tasting and slightly more tart fruit. Then there is the lemon, a most diluted flavor, deadened to breed bland complexity into each rather unexciting sip. Otherwise, deep in every gulp, melon, maybe honeydew, and orange here; never poking much into the experience, adding distant nuance. Overall, Surge is a decent Mtn Dew clone, reminding me more of Vault and Sun Drop's child.

Each can contains: sixty nine milligrams of caffeine, and 230 calories thanks to the fifty six grams of sugar. Overall, Surge is a fun way to relive your early sugar soda binging years, but otherwise is not that much fun.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Rip It Tribute Active Mandarin Live Wild Lime Energy Drink Review

For three years, the latest releases from Rip It have been just out of my caffeinated grasp; any local dollar store only carries the original few varieties. But a long away gas station has brought me one of their militant flavors, Tribute. Its design is a refreshing break from the usual look of the brand, with an interesting camouflage pattern and black chevrons.

The aroma is very Mtn Dew-esque; its flavor is less inspired, with a more potent mandarin taste and tarter tartness. The lime is unfortunately not much of a player, but instead acts as depth to the dominant orange citrus, along with a touch of pineapple and mango- giving the potable a more tropical feel than its can suggests. However the shining light here is the beverage's sourness and its sweetness, from high fructose corn syrup and sucralose; its a tangy, almost Sweet-Tart brand candy experience. Sips become cloying as the can nears complete completion, a lamentable blemish on a drink otherwise too fun for one.

Each can contains: B vitamins, vitamin C, taurine, inositol, and guarana. The kick is a good one, no if, ands, or buts, lasting a cool three hours with a potent kickoff and old school crash. In the end, Rip It Tribute is a revivifying return to form for the long-running brand.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mtn Dew Game Fuel Mango Heat Soda Review

With another big game release comes another Mtn Dew variety, however, this time the soda brand spices things up with a promising name like "Mango Heat." But its bottle is clumsy and cluttered, speaking only to gamers and not to the general soda drinker.

What a disappointment! The mango taste here is muted behind numerous layers of saccharine orange and apple, among nuances of pineapple, lime and guava. But there is a cascading blandness over each sip, with each of the many individual tastes increasingly diluted to their most basic self and without their own idiosyncrasies. But the heat is the most unfortunate thing; there simply is not much here! Sips come and go without any potency, and it was about half a bottle in before the slightest spiciness kicked in. Lamentably though, it was like putting a dash of pepper on a giant pot of flavorless oatmeal. High fructose corn syrup, sucralose and ace-k do the sweetening, but the entire bottle contains just forty six grams of sugar. This makes the drink significantly less syrupy as previous flavors, but that ends up being the only recommendable thing here.

Calories are a modest 170- well, modest for the line. It is interesting to find there is 113 milligrams of caffeine here (which is higher than the original's ninety one), when the recent rival, Mutant Super Soda, contains just two milligrams more. Overall, this is a terrible Mtn Dew drink, despite its strides for a less caloric beverage.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Realtree Outdoors Xtra Citrus Energy Drink Review

Albino antlers and text hurt this outdoors energy drink's appeal, inhibiting any pop the name and decals should have. Of course, after the recent discovery of the similarly marketed Mossy Oak brand, these ordinarily mundane visuals have far more verve to them.

The citrus taste here is syrupy and murky, a hodgepodge of lime, lemon, grapefruit and orange, only less interesting than that fruity cocktail insinuates. The produce quadrilogy is shamefully disinteresting, never inspiring to be any more than the four aforementioned flavors tossed into a single can. Fifty six grams of sugar are intense and pulverant, bogging down every imbibe with its excessively saccharine and sabulous texture. The solitude saving grace here is the tartness; it is extreme enough to cut through, or at least mostly, through the omnipresent sweetness, and provides the otherwise disenchanting vegetation with a sense of excitement and composition. Certainly, there are worse citrus drinks on the market, but there are also more available that are much, much, much better.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, caffeine, and 240 calories. The buzz is the best thing here, a definatively old school kick- with jitters and a crash. Overall, no matter how "outdoorsy" you may claim to be, if your hunting buddy likes this drink, don't trust him with a gun.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bomba Classic Energy Drink Review

A recent trip to a dumpy surplus store has left me with six varieties of the Bomba line, an insane looking brand with grenade-shaped glass bottles. They even have a little pull tab to simulate the pin on the small explosive!

This golden elixir has the wretched scent of the worst Red Bull clone; but the flavor somehow escapes tasting like one. It is saccharine and packed with the tastes of bubble gum, vanilla, and apple, a trilogy only slightly tart but serendipitously never syrupy. Its petite size, clocking in at just above eight ounces, means it is an experience that never overstays its welcome, despite its unoriginality. And the glass bottle gives every sip a clean climax, without the metallic perversion of aluminum cans or the polymer sapor of plastic bottles. It is a shocking revelation; this is quite the refreshing beverage and boarders on the line of being enjoyable.

Each bottle contains: 123 calories, twenty eight grams of sugar, several B vitamins, taurine, and caffeine, seventy five milligrams according to the internet. Its kick is the least impressive characteristic here, lasting less than an hour. Overall, Bomba is not a bomb, but it is not the bomb either.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Monster Mutant Soda Review

Monster's new product its most unique and its most uninspired; Mutant Super Soda. Separate from any in the brand, this neon green potation is an obvious attempt to knock Pepsi's Mtn Dew out of first place from caffeinated soda market. But the bottle here is so brazen, from its curvy bottle to its coloring, not just of Mtn Dew but also of the effervescent relics like MDX or Vault, with their promises of feeling "energized" and all that corporate puffery.

First sip is astonishingly familiar, an initially refreshing but entirely trite cross between Mtn Dew and Coca-Cola's Sprite. Grapefruit and lime are the dominates here, with an underbelly of lemon and a touch of pineapple. It is a less congruous potable than its adversary, with each fruit tasted after one another, instead of as one, with the blunt seams holding the flavor together by a threadbare thread. Sweetness, seventy grams of it, all high fructose corn syrup, is overbearing, establishing an egregiously syrupy experience that only thickens as sips are taken. There is actually less sugar here than its main competitor, seven grams less, but with the same amount of calories, Mutant stands as a missed opportunity to create a gut-friendly Dew corrival.

Each twenty ounce bottle contains 290 calories and 115 milligrams of caffeine, more than Mtn Dew's 91. But it is far from a noticeable bump, and just makes you wish you had drank an energy drink over this retread energy soda.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Angry Angel Energy Drink Review

Angry Angel is about as generic as an energy drink can look, with its boring decals over a disinteresting black backdrop; it is pretty dark of a can to be any angel I'd like to drink. It is at least a clean design, with minimal text and is free of clutter, but it is just not interesting to look at.

Sips lacks a hearty effervescence, leaving a dulled and leadened mouthfeel to the imperceptibly sweetened experience. Stevia and thirteen grams of sugar do the sweetening here, but they lack the punch needed to raze the unpalatable sourness of every imbibe. The flavor is decidedly a mixed-bag; what tastes like goji berry and cranberry, but lacking any convincing heft; the beverage's "natural flavors" lamentably lack the impression actual juice leaves on the taste buds. What it does offer, however, its an organic bite, an obnoxious, almost bitter edge to each of this potable's twelve ounces. Angry Angel has a unique taste, for sure, but does not have a good one.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, inositol, yerba mate, fifty calories and 120 milligrams of caffeine. The buzz is the best characteristic here, a pleasant, two and a half hour long kick that did not end with a crash. To end, Angry Angel is a bizarre experience, sustaining this awkward tone throughout.

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