Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mtn Dew Kickstart Original Dew Review

Whether or not Original Dew, the latest Kickstart variety, is much different from their earlier Limeade version has yet to be seen, but the can hits all the right notes for Mtn Dew fans. Its classic color scheme, citrus flavor and familiar logo surely will have more traditional customers giving this drink a whirl, but it is a disappointingly safe flavor.

Many little bubbles greet your tongue, an explosion of effervescence that dies into a more palatable carbonation, an aerated excuse to bring that recognizable blend of lemon, lime and orange to our taste buds. It is a cleaner cocktail of that usual Mtn Dew taste, significantly less syrupy than your usual can of the neon colored cooler, but not as deadenedly sweet as your typical bottle of its diet brother. It hangs somewhere in the middle of the two extremes, showcasing the sweet citruses, but there is the problem- they are just not very interesting. Sure, if you have a Mtn Dew itch to scratch, pick up a can, but do not go expecting anything even remotely different; you have had this flavor before, from the same company!

Each can contains ninety milligrams of caffeine, in addition to some B vitamins. The kick is what you always get from these energy sodas, lasting an hour and being of middling strength. What is the point here?! That is the question I kept asking myself here, from the time I purchased the drink to when I tossed the can.

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mega Java Coffee Energy Drink Review

Lidl keeps on pumping out drinks, with what seems like a new flavor each time I enter the store. Coffee is the promised variety today, a disinteresting can that demonstrates why a decent graphic designer is needed; this is a horrible can! Text is everywhere, slowing down your eyes as it tries to come up with any reason as to why to pick up such an ugly chunk of aluminum.

The flavor here is among the worst for a coffee energy drink- pungent, watery and fatless. Reduced fat milk is the first ingredient, but it tastes spoiled and diluted, a strange, almost metallic taste that permeates every imbibe. This is without a doubt a disgusting experience. Any actual taste of coffee is lost in a sea of sour, serous dairy product, removed of the pined fattiness or sweetness. There are thirty total grams of sugar, but your tongue argues against that figure, along with everything about each sip. How can a drink go so poorly? There is zero energy in the flavor, a rotten potable that will only be consumed completely by those who review such products. Lucky me.

The energy blend is not half bad: taurine, ginseng, guarana, inositol, B vitamins and 150 milligrams of caffeine. It is an unspectacular kick, lasting around two hours, but it is the only thing mediocre here- everything else is terrible!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Xing Tangerine Energy Drink Review

Xing Tangerine sounds cool and comes in an even cooler can, the dotted texture not extending past the eyes, but that is okay. Its name is short and the flavor is easily read, not only by the large flavor indication, but thanks to the solid shade of orange. It is a busy design however, but that is about the only thing at fault here.

Betcha did not expect this- Xing Tangerine is not carbonated. I know! A soda-inspired flavor as this one demands a sharp effervescence, a forceful bubbly explosion at every imbibe. But the flavor itself is mostly there, it is sweet and slightly tart, but let us face it, this tastes like flat orange soda. Sure I know, this is "tangerine," a different fruit, but with fifty two grams of sugar, any nuance between the citruses are lost. As much as I love the gusto of every imbibe, the bursting flavor profile, save yourself some money, grab a can of Sunkist, open it, and let it sit for a week or so in the fridge.

In the world of potency, Xing is not much more inspired, 160 milligrams of caffeine leading the kick to average territory. Other ingredients include: taurine, inositol, and B vitamins. On the whole, Xing Tangerine missteps the entire way once I cracked open the can and began sipping. It looks nice, though.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Espresso Monster Espresso and Cream Energy Drink Review

Its clumsy name, Espresso Monster Espresso and Cream, aside, the textured can here is jam packed with graphics and text, congested on the walls of the small eight plus ounce aluminum delivery device. But it caught my eye on the shelf, standing tall against the other Java Monsters, despite its size, so it has that going for it.

At first mouthful, Monster has outdone itself, as well as rival Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso. It is a dark blend of fat and bitterness, with a calm wash of saccharinity leaving your palate stained only of the lovely coffee taste. Creaminess is a highlight here, thanks to five grams of fat, three of it saturated; not something atop your failed and forgotten New Year's resolution list. But as sips turn to gulps and the can's meager offerings nearing complete depletion, you grow weary- not because you have not enjoyed the experience, but rather that imbibes quickly lose their caustic edge and become a sordid sugary situation. My last few sips were indistinguishable from your common canned coffee concoction! It is a shame, really, as this had the potential to become one of, if not the best of the brand.

There is only 160 milligrams of caffeine here, but I am 100% OK with that. It is a rocking buzz, one that hits you fast and lasts a solid two hours- remember, this is just an eight-something ounce potable. On the whole, Espresso Monster Espresso and Cream is a passable distraction that makes at least three mistakes too many.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mtn Dew Ice Soda Review

With Monster taking aim at the caffeinated citrus cocktail consumer community, Mtn Dew, owner of said fruity commonwealth, sets its eyes on a different potable genre, lemon lime soda. Mtn Dew Ice, Pepsico's most recent venture into the dominated market, seems like a resurrection of their 90's test-market drink Storm, only with a far more popular brand name. And its bottle is not half bad, a cleaner label than the company is known for, though it is tough to tell what the hell "Ice" is supposed to taste like.

There is less Sprite in this clear twenty ounce bottle than there is 7-Up, slightly bitter in flavor, an astringency akin to fresh citrus rinds than the caffeine contained. Tasting lemon or lime individually is tough, it is a bafflingly bland blend without the momentum of its rivals. It is not all bad- the sweetness is far from syrupy despite high fructose corn syrup landing in at number two in the ingredients list, and there are plenty of little bubbles to keep the 591 milliliters from feeling flat throughout the plethora of imbibes provided. But everything is just so unremarkable- does it taste like a lemon lime soda? Yes, but that is not reason enough to swap brands.

Now this is where the personality comes in, the ninety one milligrams of caffeine. That is identical to regular Mtn Dew, and if that just tickles your innards, then by all means go out any pick up a bottle, a can, or both. Otherwise, you are not missing much.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

NOS Nitro Mango Energy Drink Review

NOS Nitro Mango- can anyone in the class tell how that name is redundant? In any event, this tropical extension of the dormant line makes yet another silly mistake; without thinking, what flavor do you think of when you crack open a bright orange can? That is right, orange, not mango!

Your first sip is more coarse than you would anticipate, thanks no doubt to the dual carbonated and nitrogenated water leading the ingredients list. This results in a less refined description of an ordinarily passive flavor, less realistic but without the sweetness to accomplish a full-blown candy interpretation. Acidity is fine, more potent than the saccharinity and gives the experience a sort of sour twist that further blurs the expectations of your usual mango beverage. It is gimmicky for sure, but with the NOS line losing its extreme caffeination years ago, I am glad to see them go all the way with an artifice.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, inositol, and 142 milligrams of caffeine. It is a shame too, as the NOS line I know contained a hearty 260 milligrams of my namesake chemical. The kick here is weaker than you would predict from a drink named after the stuff moterheads use to increase power in their cars, lasting about an hour and a half. Overall, NOS Nitrous Mango's flavor is a fun exercise in texture, but there is little else to recommend here.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Outlaw Original Energy Drink Review

This bright gold can is completely generic, its name, design and fonts are all uninteresting. This could be a good idea, a western themed potable, but there is not an ounce of personality or thematic congruence- is there any reason to have "original" written twice? Dear Outlaw, that does not make you twice as original.

Well, what a surprise, we have a Red Bull clone here, but it is not a bad one. The usual suspects are front and center, vanilla, citrus and apple all tied by a thin, slightly syrupy sweetness thanks to a blend of sugar, glucose and sucralose. It is well balanced and should appeal to those who seek out such a familiar flavor. Effervescence is unremarkable but keeps the sips from dragging, and that about sums up the entire experience.

Each can contains: taurine, ginseng, maca root, guarana, B vitamins, and 250 milligrams of caffeine. The kick is the best thing here, lasting a great three hours. To end, Outlaw Original is drinkable, but that is hardly a reason to bail this potation out of energy drink jail.

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