Friday, September 7, 2012

Celsius Apple Orchard Blend Energy Drink Review

Although here only a minor update, this is yet another visual redesign from Celsius, but it seems the company cannot craft a competent can. Perhaps this is their best work yet, considering all the horizontal text reads well and the unusual color scheme is attractive. But the paragraph of ill fitting and redundant sentences is too much too digest, even if the calorie burning artifice does requires some explanation.

Unexpectedly uneffervescent thanks to my lazy observations, the taste here is an inconsistent parody of apples, a bland twelve ounces of zero tartness and a bankrupt sweetness. The fruit flavor hardly resembles the currently cultivated, drinking poorly with a thin mouthfeel and nonessential bitterness. The natural diet sugars hate their job and customers, an unproductive and earthy saccharinity that probably contributes to the aforementioned astringency. For an otherwise discount seventy cents, this Celsius variety is a slap in the face from Big Lots.

Each can contains: guarana, green tea, taurine, caffeine (200mg), and bunch of B vitamins. These drinks have always been potent, making me buzz for a solid four hours. Overall, like any "ultimate fitness partner," Celsius Apple Orchard Blend just does not taste very good (despite their claims that they are delicious).

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