Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Rockstar Blackout Energy Drink Review

How this new Rockstar variety, Blackout, is any different from the original brand entry is beyond me; the can gives minimal explanation as to what the hell "Blackout" means, although that does make for a far cleaner can than the company is accustomed to creating.

The color inside the can is unfortunate, an elixir painted gold and not the namesake ebony. The flavor is mysterious, a muddled cocktail of vanilla, blueberry, and blackberry, all tied together by a humdrum saccharinity that teeters on the brink of becoming syrupy. Acidity is nonexistent, every sip lacking a certain tartness that would give its tedious taste texture- and its disturbingly calm effervescence is helping no cause. It is an experience defined by banausic characteristics and an overall plodding personality, a sometimes functional flavor that is let down by its intense apathy in taking chances. A completely generic tasting drink.

Each can contains: caffeine (160 milligrams), taurine, guarana, l-carnitine, inositol, ginseng and B vitamins. Any kick is woefully average, lasting three hours, and contains all the jitters fifty eight grams of sugar can cause. In the end, Rockstar Blackout is simultaneously both more and less than the anticipated Red Bull clone it ended up being.

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Monkeybugs said...

Yep, no idea what this was but it was just a sugar high for me. Nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I drank this yesterday and could barely distinguish it from the original, however my girlfriend stated that it tasted more like banana than anything.. so maybe they switched up the original from acidic pineapple to acidic banana? Overall it wasn't terrible and not overly syrupy like the original to me

Unknown said...

This is the best energy drink i have ever had! You are crazy!

Anonymous said...

There's 135 mg more sodium in it and a couple different ingredients.

Anonymous said...

I tasted it today. It seems to me that it tastes very much like Red Bull.

Anonymous said...

Hits the back of the tongue with a subtle sweetness, minus the tartness from the original. Refreshing, in my opinion.

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