Monday, February 16, 2015

NRG MicroShot Review

The rounded bottom of this shot's tube prevents the shot from conveniently standing like its competition, and forces a piece of plastic to wrap the drink with a text sodden card. A flat scrap of paper and a cylindrical container do not mix, as the sheet of plastic proved too loose to keep the two together, whether in my pocket or from the factory to my mailbox.

A sugar and caffeine free chaser rests in hand as taste-bud insurance. Surprisingly scented strongly of the spiced autumn-favorite, my first sip renders my former trepidation moot. The thick brown syrup explodes potently of warm apple, its almost grainy thickness thanks to the unanticipatedly coarse sweetness. Only the slightest bit tart, the seasoned savor of the ofttimes harvested fruit is robust yet uncomplicated. A concentrated solution of granular saccharinity and persuasive flavor, this is a pretty tasty energy shot.

"As much caffeine as a cup of coffee" is the official quantity of my namesake chemical, an amount too vague and generically stated. I have read "120 milligrams" on the interweb, but you should take everything you read online with a grain of salt. Other ingredients to thank for this two hour buzz include: B vitamins, taurine, n-acetyl, and l-tyrosine. On the whole, NRG MicroShot needs a revamped packaging and clearer supplement facts to match its palatable flavor.

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