Sunday, February 8, 2015

Caution Arizona RX Energy Drink Review

Ninety nine cents is too low to criticize this eleven and a half ounce can from Arizona, the company not the state. It is a lot of yellow and some blue and black, with a little red for color, but the whole "caution tape" artifice is unduly underutilized and ultimately underwhelming. What "RX" means is beyond my caring, but it is inclusions like that that keep this beverage from looking as good as it should, or at least, could.

This thick potion contains ten percent of many juices, all sterilized into a pedestrian pulp of desolate and dense dimensionlessness. Imagine a punch between mango, lemon and lime, but abduct all authenticity and neuter any playfulness. The ingredient list argues even more fruits frolic here, however each gulp is childish without the fun and all of any depth is forgotten in the libation's wanton nescience. Some sucralose and thirty seven grams of sugar, predominately HFCS, sweeten with unforeseen restraint, but the trade off is a discomposing syrupiness who's saving grace is the product's small sub-sixteen size. Orange blossom honey is probably the best thing about this slender elixir, giving every sip a mature bitterness that softly escalates the experience out of its otherwise dejected puerility.

Each can contains: taurine, caffeine (144 milligrams) l-carnitine, ginseng, inositol, guarana, B vitamins, milk thistle and 150 calories. The kick is quite decent considering the quality of the rest of the drink, lasting about two hours, perhaps two and a half. In the end, the name is right: you should approach Caution Arizona RX with plenty of caution.

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