Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rip It Red Zone Energy Drink Review

Rip It Red Zone looked great as a twenty ounce bottle, a two ounce shot, and it looks just as good as a sixteen ounce can. Other than the silver "X" pattern, the single red colouring makes the beverage as sleek and sophisticated as the visual best of the line, even if some are certainly more appealing. Adversely, the previously praised could falsely promise inattentive consumers of a cherry refreshment, where as this is one of those rare strawberry drinks.

Far more focused than many before it, Red Zone illustrates the suggested fruit sweetly and playfully. The strawberry is candied strongly but each sip isn't overly sweet or syrupy, and though it lacks any of its organic characteristics, your childish tongue will certainly pleasure the balanced nature. The actual flavour, however, isn't as potent as you would expect, and actually it is surprisingly mild, but it inheritability must be so, considering it could quickly become too much. Nether to the strawberry patch of the experience lies a cherry taste that depicts some sense of authenticity, especially compared to the former. It isn't exactly a distinct taste, nor are the detailing idiosyncrasies, but its enervated grainy tartness gives the flavour body some depth. Overall, Rip It Red Zone's taste is a bit simpler than it was in shot form, but it is a bit more enjoyable.

Each can contains: caffeine(170mg), taurine, guarana, inositol, various B vitamins, and vitamin C. The kick lasted three plus hours with no crash or jitters, so in other words it's a rather typical buzz. In the end, Rip It Red Zone isn't among their best, but it is sure to find its audience.

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