Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gridlock Energy Drink Review

Contrast to the light blue the sugar free variety used, Gridlock regular was given a bright green colour really for only one reason; create a colour similarity between this generic beverage the well known energy drink Monster. This shameless ploy to lure the untrained consumer is wildly practiced but nonetheless, it means that the company didn't attempt at intriguing someone by producing an interesting can design. Gridlock comes in a can nearly identical to the aforementioned variety, and while I did just criticize the presence of green on the can, I do feel that it's a better fit for the design than the powder blue is. It meshes well with the black and silver colouring, both of which are used sparingly compared to the green.

I opened the can and took a sip. The flavour begins with gumminess and sourness, and both are chemically controlled and influenced. The former tastes much of apple, though as everything progresses it begins to mimic more of a pineapple. The apple is initially mild and resembles mostly a rudimentary imitation of the fruit, but the more the apple becomes distinct and focused the faster it mutates into the pineapple. The latter isn't necessarily more authentic or inspired, but it does have a certain vibrancy that gives the flavour a bit of a lively sense of excitement. The antecedent sourness withholds a sort of coy tartness that's faintly flavoured of vanilla, and the anterior taste is manipulated by the same chemical clout that effects the sourness that the vanilla resides within. Things aren't perfect, however, as the evolved apple taste suffers from an over sweetened and gummed abaft. But to the drink's advantage, the flavour concludes soon after the previously described. Surprisingly enough, while Gridlock is mostly your typical and pedestrian Red Bull clone, it shows a solid self restraint that results in a palatable experience not usually provided by such flavours.

Gridlock gives a kick that's as decent as most. I had a good three hours of energy, and while jitters were caused, a crash was not. Each can contains: caffeine, several B vitamins, ginseng, taurine, and inositol. Overall, Gridlock is an energy drink that's as uninteresting as any before it, but it is at least an improvement over the sugar free variant.


Percunctor Auctorita said...

I think you should note that it has an advantage over other energy drinks in that it is so much cheaper.

Alan said...

I saw this stuff while shopping at Aldi's today. It stood out because the brand name implies the very opposite of what an energy drink is supposed to do.

Christian said...

Before trying Gridlock, I was a Rockstar fan. I liked the energy Rockstar has, but the taste is crap. Gridlock was only the second engergy I'd ever tried, and I liked it better than Rockstar instantly. After trying about 5 different brands, my favorite for flavor are Amp, and Gridlock. My favorite low carb is definitely Gridlock. It is my opinion that brand awareness sometimes influences ones taste buds - though taste is a subjective thing, I think Gridlock actually stands out as one of the better tasting energy drinks, and it's only .99 per can. It's pretty hard to pay more now that I know the truth.

Intelligent Shopper said...

You say the taste is crap--well, that's your opinion and of course, you are entitled to it. I love the taste of the low-carb Gridlock and it does perk me up quite well! There is a problem finding the low-carb in our Aldi's store, so I guess there's a few others out there besides me who actually like the taste!

Intelligent Shopper said...

Low carb Gridlock is my favorite energy drink. It is refreshing, and I can't wait to have one every morning instead of coffee. There must be a lot of others like me out there as it is often hard to find the low-carb Gridlock in the Aldi's stores I patronize. And equally as great as the taste is that it is A LOT cheaper than any of the other brands. I just wish the warehouse would send more of it to the stores every week.

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