Friday, February 11, 2011

rip it Lime Wrecker Energy Drink Re-Review

rip it Lime Wrecker's can is a bright green that's alike most with the same flavour indication, but it strikes middle of the road when compared to others in the line. The design is clean, thankfully, though unsurprisingly. The colour works sufficiently with the design and it captures your attention rather quickly, and while I prefer it over the cans to G-Force and F Bomb, it isn't nearly as appealing than either Sting-eR-Mo or Gin-Zing-R.

The flavour begins a super sweet lime that's pinched by ginger and has a slightly dry vertex. The lime rides throughout the entirety of the drink, and while extremely sweet, it retains fair authenticity. The ginger's pinch is noticeable but short lived and tastes mildly compressed, and is largely veiled by the rough but appropriate carbonation. A lemon taste stems from the prior and attaches to the lime in a wholly complementing manner. The lemon has a natural sweetness and is bodied decently accurate to the actual fruit. A suitable tartness initially jests from the lemon, and it proceeds to do the same uniformly to all of its surroundings. There's a strong sour presence that accompanies alongside a slight melon that acts as a complex providing note to the sourness. The experience then finishes with a crisp bite that enjoyably tastes of all the prior in a heavily abridged form. Overall, rip it Lime Wrecker's simple flavour is greatly similar to other lime dominated energy drinks, but that doesn't stop it from tasting just as good.

rip it Lime Wrecker uses a vastly similar ingredient formulation to past flavours, and like those, I was kicked impressively. I had about four of jitter-lite energy that ended with a hard and sudden crash. Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), taurine, inositol, guarana, vitamin C, and several B vitamins. Overall, my opinion on rip it Lime Wrecker hasn't changed much since my first review; it's a great tasting and powerful drink that, while it isn't much of a looker, it doesn't cost you a pretty penny.

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