Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rockstar Pink Energy Drink Review

The official name of the product to the right is Rockstar Pink, but unless you read the back text or automatically assume the latter of the name from the vibrant colour of the can, you probably wouldn't otherwise know it. But since I often criticize drinks for their redundancy, especially when it comes to their name, I can forgive the absence of direct clarification as to what to call it. It comes in a can of the aforementioned colour, and the bright pink gives a real eye pleasing balance with the seemingly carefully positioned black. The veiled writing within the back of the design somehow is able to avoid causing clutter and instead it provides a visual texture that's as optically pleasurable as the rest of the can.

Rockstar Pink tastes initially of a dull lime that's lacking a pleasantly sour attribute. It also lacks a stern sweetness, but it isn't as disappointing given natural expectation of feeble saccharinity in diet drinks. The lime becomes tangled with a lemon that's similarly bland and unstimulated, although there's a mild complexing of strawberry that's eventually braided with the flavours. The latest addition to the experience, however, doesn't foment anymore elation as it too tastes besotted because of the torpid sugariness. The strawberry also has an unpleasant, albeit mild, tart tang that's very dairy-like, which while not terribly seldom with low calorie energy drinks, is still undesirably observed. All of the flavours unwittingly pursue naturalism despite the obvious lack of any verve with its sweetness, and as a result its ailing strength and overt synthetic nature is incapable of brisking the flavours either as a whole or individually, which doesn't help them cope with blunt deficiency of either sourness or tartness. I will say, though, that the carbonation was enjoyable, although I wouldn't go as far as to say it was perfect. Overall, regarding flavour, Pink is the subordinate of the two recently released Rockstars, however neither were very enjoyable.

Pink is also inferior, power-wise, to Rockstar 2x, mostly because of the lesser caffeine content. I had only about two and a half hours, perhaps three, of middling energy. There wasn't any noticeable jitters nor was their a perceived crash. Each can contains: caffeine(120mg), taurine, ginseng, and several B vitamins. In the end, Pink is just another disproportionate sugar free variety that's been prematurely released by Rockstar.

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