Friday, January 28, 2011

Rockstar 2x Energy Drink Review

I was finally able to obtain both of the newly unleashed Rockstars, ironically at the same location that I found the prior dually released varieties, Cola and Recovery. Rockstar 2x withholds a rather meager twelve ounces, however it contains an impressive 250 mg of caffeine, which is clearly stated on the front of the can while it just as impressively retains a clean look and strong sense of fluidity. The black and yellow contrast each other splendidly, and while I do feel that saying "2x" twice is rather redundant, I'm otherwise enthused about the can, which is certainly something, considering I've been especially critical about several previous Rockstar cans.

Complying to the text on the backside of the can, I kept Rockstar 2x super chilled until I cracked it open and took my first sip. I was greeted initially by a sickeningly syrupy apple flavour that ignores any sense of authenticity thanks to the near excessive saccharinity. The actual degree of sweetness is staggeringly high and sort of occupies within the space between being natural or artificial tasting, however I feel it leans more towards the latter of the two. Gumminess, which borders being just as strong as the sugariness, is tailored to the imitation apple taste, and although this gummy quality doesn't help the flavour become any more palatable, it does become betrothal with the aforementioned syrupiness; thus sealing the drink's fate as a Red Bull clone. There's a diffident sourness that follows the former fruit, and this modest idiosyncrasy inoculates the experience's only naturalness. A slight metallic bite, mildly resembling a soft bitterness, is tasted as the flavour comes to a close, and parallel is a chemical aftertaste that's possibly brought about by the boundless synthetic sweetness. The previously described ending isn't exactly overt or potent, but it is definitely noticeable, particularly with your last few sips. Overall, Rockstar 2x's relentless and cloying saccharinity doesn't help this prosaic Red Bull clone gain any sort of enjoyable personality.

Each can contains: caffeine(250mg), taurine, several B vitamins, inositol, guarana, and ginseng. The energy I received was strong right from the start but it never really grew much during the four plus hour buzz. I had infrequent jitters and no crash once it was all said and done. Overall, Rockstar 2x is an average quality energy drink, mainly due to an exorbitantly sweet taste that is only partially evened by its baronial appearance and kick.

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