Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eric's Famous Energy Cola Review

I didn't initially realize that Eric's Famous Cola was an energy drink, as it prefers saying "energy cola" as to "energy drink," and the dark brown bottle gave me the impression that the product was alcoholic. Its label is flashy, utilizing a trilogy of colours, black, white, and blue, all of which reflect light easily. This allows the bottle to immediately grab your attention, and it perhaps may also distract you from its mediocre label design. I can't exactly criticize the busyness of it, as everything flows well and I don't think it ever becomes congested, however I don't feel engaged by it as a whole, and its resemblance to something mostly likely found in a truck stop certainly doesn't make it all too aesthetically appealing.

Eric's Energy Cola tastes more like an interlacing of cola and root beer, rather than just straight up cola. Creamy vanilla with noticeable sassafras and molasses characteristics begin the flavour. The latter aspect acts both in sweetening and injecting its own taste into the experience, although the molasses doesn't solely sweeten the flavour. Honey can also be tasted, albeit an extremely faded detection, and the natural thickness of the mellifluous solution gives the fluid a slight thickness that enhances the overall feel on your palate. The aforementioned vanilla plays it timid, initially, though it becomes far more savory and velutinous as the drink explores deeper into your mouth. Licorice and wintergreen mint then appear in the form of notes, and the former births out from but remains ever near to the molasses. The wintergreen mint is almost nonexistent except in a balmy taste that provides a refreshing quality to both you and the flavour. The previously described appears late in the body, and it is tasted alongside an even milder orange peel and clove. The prior of the just two is only perceptible for a short moment and although it's evident with each sip, it doesn't ever extend its duration of time. On the other hand, the clove, while tasting just as faint, lasts right up until the final drop of liquid is consumed. There isn't any aftertaste, and the carbonation never really came to my attention or stood out. Overall, Eric's Famous Energy Cola's flavour was an impressively complex and balanced braid of root beer, cola, and at times even cream soda. But with that in mind, I can't really see why the bothered calling it just a "cola," when there's far more to it than just that simple flavour indication.

Caffeine, guarana, vitamin B3, and ginseng are all that I considered members of Eric's energy ingredient cocktail, and this blend gave me a kick that wasn't anything above ordinary. I had only around two or so hours of average strength energy, and neither jitters or a crash pursued. In the end, in terms of appearance and kick, this (allegedly) famous cola does little terrific, but if concerning its taste, then Eric's does an extraordinary job in providing an engaging flavour that's both unique and inspired; all while being shockingly focused.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm with you "Caffeine King" - all the taste & just the right amount of energy!! James-Lynnwood WA

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