Sunday, January 30, 2011

FRS Low Cal Peach Mango Energy Drink Review

While doing a little shopping, a ten for ten deal caught my attention, and disregarding the poor performance of past varieties, I picked up the last remaining in the FRS line, and Low Cal Peach Mango was one of the two. FRS Low Cal Peach Mango is yet another FRS to have an orange dominate can, which like I said in a previous review, can get fairly confusing. One of the few colour difference between Peach Mango's can would be the inclusion of the bright green flavour indicator, and while the amount is faint and almost unnoticeable, I certainly enjoy the addition of a different colour.

Low Cal Peach Mango's taste is less diluted and more vibrant than any previous FRS before it, which makes this easily my favourite so far. There's initially a tart mango that has an appropriate tang and a complimenting sweetness, and the two give the tart fruit a pleasantly realistic edge. Slowly there's a realization of a secondary peach flavour that calmly develops into a artificial and false interpretation of the spherical fruit. The former taste isn't abhorrent, but it does counter the earlier fruit's naturalism, creating an overall flavour that struggles against itself constantly. Thankfully though, the experience climaxes and then directly closes, and as this happens the fluid thickens slightly and withholds both enjoyable tart and sourness. Overall, FRS Low Cal Peach Mango's taste is ultimately one that lacks self identity and any continual sense of consistency, but I did find each sip warranting another.

Energy-wise, the FRS line is infamous for their weak ingredient cocktails, and Low Cal Peach Mango follows suit wholly. I had a buzz lasting less than an hour, and there wasn't a crash or jitters to speak of. Each can contains: caffeine(forty eight mg), vitamins E, C, and several varieties of B. All in all, the end, since Low Cal Peach Mango is yet another FRS to barely contain any positives, I couldn't be any more excited for the end of the line.

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Anonymous said...

I love the taste of FRS Low Cal Peach Mango Energy Drink! It was off the shelves for awhile and I'm glad to see it has returned. No carbonation and minimal caffeine works for me.

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