Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pomx Cafe au Lait Iced Coffee Review

Pomx Cafe au Lait isn't an energy drink, per se, but with its solid content of 175mg of caffeine, I've decided that it qualifies for a Caffeine King review. Its bottle is a stout but unique looking one, and the label features a semi hypnosis effect using two shades of brown, but the aforementioned uniqueness doesn't dictate much appeal. First off, with much of the bottle consisting of only brown, it quickly becomes too much since there's nothing to offset the abundant colour. But perhaps my biggest issue is the name "Pomx." Given that most automatically relate the previous logo with pomegranates and their juice, this could easily bewilder potential buyers into thinking that this is a pomegranate flavoured iced coffee, when in reality it is just a coffee under an inappropriate insignia.

Pomx Cafe au Lait's taste, despite having milk as the first ingredient, is sodden far more of coffee than cream. The flavour begins with a pleasant and enjoyably saporous Arabican coffee that's distinct but never overwhelming or overly acidic. There's a creamy following that isn't as rich or as fatty as I'd like, but it thankfully avoids resembling skim milk. The coffee taste has a minimal quantity of blurred notes, but the most apparent is a semi sweet chocolate that chaperons its own bitterness that's more sweet than that of the prior. Nether is a faint detection of caramel, who is leaching of the previously described mild saccharinity, and as the caramel continues flavouring with the progressing experience it begins to metamorphose into more of a toffee like taste. The toffee, however, is far weaker in strength than the already infirm caramel, and by the time the sip is finished the toffee is no longer present. Brief woody notes then appear subtly and pave the path for a simple burnt flavour that's made more palatable by brown sugar taste. The just former opts to inculcate a sui generis flavour rather than do much of any sweetening, which I view a positive as the tame sugariness permits more focus on the actual coffee taste. Overall, the aspect I admired the most about Pomx Cafe au Lait's flavour is that it tastes more like coffee than most, but it's sweet and creamed enough for the mainstream to pleasure.

Yes, Pomx does contain antioxidants, but all I really care about is its suitable caffeine content of 175 mg. From this I had a decently quick energizing that lasted just over three hours and was followed unfortunately by a crash. In the end, I found Pomx Cafe au Lait at Big Lots for seventy five cents, and while I wasn't very visually impressed, the rest of the beverage was solid enough to justify what I paid, perhaps even more.

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