Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Energy Love Potion Review

If the apple of your eye did not become your valentine yesterday, then you may have another chance with Energy Love Potion. It comes in a bottle that's shaped much alike a vial, and it sports a heart and withholds a light pink coloured fluid. The latter two are present for obvious reasons but are well implemented, and both combine with the large "Love" logo to create a well balanced theme. I do feel, however, that the design becomes somewhat cluttered, not text wise, but because of the imagery busyness that's behind the aforementioned heart.

Abundantly sweet, the initial taste is of strawberry, though it's more of an artificial approximation than anything. The high level of sugar is successfully able to complement the candied nature that the fruit attempts. The sugariness is almost syrupy, though it is mostly detected during the phial's contents first interaction with your palate. The antecedent mouth feel also greatly obscures a chemical harshness that's unanimously recognized in drinks of such small size; it's still espied but it's surprisingly veiled given the product's potency. Both subjacent and trailing the strawberry is a cherry who's tangy and carefully sweetened, allowing the fruit to be authentically represented. The cherry is unfortunately short lived and thus isn't given enough time to fully blossom, though that doesn't dictate that the flavour taste superficial or underdeveloped. Mango notes are mildly noticeable during the cherry's presence, and like the strawberry it attempts confection thanks to the vast saccharinity. Guava intimations are also demonstrated during the this time, however to a much lesser degree than the prior mango. All in all, Love Potion's criminally small size of under two ounces is likely to cause the contemplative flavour to go unappreciated.

Each flasket contains: caffeine(ninety mg), multiple B vitamins, taurine, and ginseng. I had around two hours of decent strength energy, with no jitters during or a crash afterward. All in all, as Energy Love Potion is currently, it's a solid enough product, however for such a complex flavour it's a shame that a larger size is not available.

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