Thursday, August 18, 2011

Red Thunder Energy Drink Review

Red Thunder is another one of the several energy drinks Aldi sells exclusively, and where Gridlock, or at least its can, took inspiration from Monster, this can takes one too many cues from Red Bull, and adverse side effects follow. A biggie is the small can size, as these eight ounce beverages, as well as the choice to do so, really should be extinct by now. The name is another obvious example of the product's low creativity, but since this is Red "Thunder," it makes you wonder why one there's lightning, even though the two are intimate, and two why the can is mostly blue. Sure, there are two references of namesake colour, but it seems almost contradictory to demonstrate blue more frequently. But you know what though, my ramblings are pointless, especially since no one, not even the drink itself, will likely take it seriously.

By the colour of the fluid itself, a more proper name would be Golden Thunder, which isn't any less stupid then the one chosen. For flavouring, there seems to be a strong liking for sour apple, with no particular variety apparent, and the emphasis on the former is surprisingly intense. It isn't quite enough to rival citric acid heavy candies, but there is certainly a slight puckering, or at least initially, and it really distracts you from ever really noticing the otherwise deeply unoriginal flavour. Vanilla isn't particularly involved like it sometimes is with such drinks, and actually the only flavour depiction is of the aforementioned, and unfortunately what is exhibited here is a poor expression of the fruit. The powerful sourness, however, does distract from the antecedent's general elementariness, and the small size keeps one from ever having adequate time to look beyond. So I guess Red Thunder's taste is getting a recommendation, a slight one though, and it really only is to be bought over products with a known similar taste.

Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, inositol, and various B vitamins, and the kick was nothing better than what was expected. It lasted for under two hours, free of jitters, and there wasn't any crash. In the end, Red Thunder is purely a budget Red Bull for those on one, and only in that context is it successful.


Anonymous said...

Great for jagerbombs!!!

marc boudreau said...
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marc boudreau said...

Most pathetic review I've read in quite awhile. You could have saved $3 and wrote this without the benefit of having ever tried the product, since you clearly made up your mind before opening the can. Seriously? The name doesn't work? But 'Red Bull' does? Red Bull doesn't taste, smell, or look like a bull. Red Bull's packaging is also mostly blue, and not red.

BTW, 'Elementariness' isn't a word. And your myriad (that means 'a lot') poor word usage and phraseology gives one the impression that you spent far too much time in your Webster's and not enough time in your creative writing class back in junior college.

So, in your effort to sound knowledgeable, you fail. In your effort to be taken seriously, you also fail.

Anonymous said...

Wow quite harsh marc. This was his opinion. Did you create "red thunder" because you seem to have an other worldly attachment to it. Seeing ass you defended a can of carbonated poison.

Anonymous said...

It tastes good. Good product.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous review. Sense this review Aldi has removed all artifical flavor so that is another reason to love this drink. The drink is much more smooth than Red Bull and tastes healthier. This drink is for those who don't want to spend an ungodly amount on an energy drink like Red Bull but still want to enjoy one. They're super cheap.

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