Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bawls Guarana Caffeinated Soda Review

What exactly is Bawls? Well, it's a highly caffeinated premium beverage that's much alike those generally unsuccessful energy sodas that were experimented with a few years ago, though the blue drink has survived much longer than Mtn Dew MDX did. It comes in a rather attractive glass bottle, aiding in the aforementioned distinguishing superiority, and it smartly avoids congestion, which is the thing I most often criticize about a product's appearance.

The first sip was agreeably pleasing and surprisingly rich, if not creamy to taste. But that isn't to insinuate the presence of dairy or something, but rather that the fluid's smoothness is so laudable that it begins to positively resemble that of fatty milk. The flavour, however, is much of vanilla, which benefits hugely from the just prior, but the second most expensive spice isn't the only thing greeting your taste buds. There is a miscellany of fruits to note, with lemon and lime being prominent but not dominating. White grape, strawberry, and kiwi are transiently communicated with and their discussions bring depth even though their mentions are exceptionally mild, if not merely suggestions, even when compared to the already feeble binary of citruses. The general sugariness isn't syrupy despite the generous use of HFCS, and impressively the experience is never too sacchariferous. The flavour closes with an equally enjoyable bite of cloves and the sweet pungency of nutmeg, and although neither are at all distinct, they do ingrain redolent piquancy into the experience. Overall, Bawls Guarana tastes much of the latter of its name, but partially in addition to the nontraditional manipulations of the otherwise average fruits and flavours.

There is guarana and sixty four milligrams of caffeine powering each bottle, which honestly but expectedly isn't comparable to your typical energy drink. That can't be used against them, though, as it never claims to be one, so if compared to your typical Mountain "style" soda, then it is quite a bit stronger. All in all, Bawls Guarana has a bit of an identity crisis, being caught behind energy drinks in terms of potency while also costing more than your usual caffeinated soda, but it doesn't change that its trademark yet niche taste is hugely likeable.

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