Sunday, August 14, 2011

Firestar Cherry Energy Powder Review

The pinkish hue of the package is certainly appropriate for the supposed cherry flavour, and while I was initially to object the using such a colour, it quickly grew on me, considering how well they utilized it. The deep suggestion of red in the aforementioned chooses not to allow the pink to mandate who the target audience is, though it does definitely insinuate towards one gender. But the success is found in that it balances stereotypically appealing to one sex, while not totally losing the other by being too feminine.

The recognized maraschino cherry is so obviously sweet, and I say that given that the first ingredient is sugar, but it doesn't ever appear to be fully realized, as although it strives for more of a candied interpretation, the taste is ever so simple and almost stupidly so. It would have absolutely been preferred that they attempt to mimic a more difficult variety, something with tartness, sourness, or something, but while there isn't any complexity in the fruit's personality, and though it's about as bare bones of an explanation of the flavour genre as possible, it thankfully isn't all that the experience has to offer. Much like the previously variety, there is a fairly strong depiction of spearmint, that here, is surprisingly present. It isn't as potent as it is in the former, but it is more than enough to liven the carbohydrate crystals as well as exaggerate how refreshing they feel on the tongue. Overall, there have been a quite a few cherry energy powders, but Firestar pleasingly breathed some eventual individuality into something that could have stayed as one dimensional as it was initially.

The ingredient cocktail really only contains somewhere around 200 milligrams of caffeine, but this honestly isn't an issue, given that the buzz lasts around four rather jittery hours. Overall, Firestar Cherry's creativity over the just previously reviewed variety helps obscure any problems concerning the taste.

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