Friday, August 12, 2011

rip it Power Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

rip it Power Sugar Free has been around far longer than many other extensions have, so the fact that it uses the basic template associated with the line is unsurprising. The colour scheme is blue with silver, and this creates immediate identification that it's low carb, but such obvious recognition renders the statements "sugar free," "0 calories," and "0 carbs" as pointless clutter. Now, that's not to say that none of the prior should be stated, but in combination with the colouring, one is all that's really necessary.

The flavour doesn't attack your palate with a taste that cloys, but rather it slowly builds from an initial state of a fair feebleness. The beverage's carbonation is sharp but self restrains from resembling sparkling water, and the effervescence climaxes partway through. Raspberry appears to be the backbone to the experience, and it itself is banal to the taste; it requires the following blanketing flavours and their varying tart, sour, and sweetness's to provide naturalness and dimension. A sour lemon is certainly detected, and it's one of the more prominent flavours, however there are a few more fruits that can be noticed. Pear is also strongly represented here, and it's described decently authentically with an adequately appropriate sugariness that is as veritable as the fluid gets. Peach can also be tasted, and though it's one of the weakest, it solely focuses on further inculcating more of the aforementioned spumante virtue. The multiple flavourings are highlighted bluntly and seldom are they not tasted singularly. One though that's seen alongside another is lime, which can be found adjacent to the lemon. The little green fruit leaches some of the larger yellow one's sourness, which is ultimately inapplicable and as a result the lime tastes inaccurate. Any unpleasant artificiality tasted from the synthetic sacchariferous chemicals are hidden mostly behind the oft mentioned carbonation, and this causes the can to be drained of its contents rather quickly. Overall, the flavour to rip it Power Sugar Free is of many specious fruits, but the complexity conveyed is pleasurable enough to forgive and almost forget their ineptitude and enjoy the taste for what it is.

I do not usually receive jitters from low calorie energy drinks, but they were present with Power Sugar Free. They weren't overt nor distracting, but their existence was felt. I had a good degree of energy, though it was unsurprising given the line's history. Each can contains: caffeine(200mg), inositol, vitamin C, various B vitamins, taurine, and guarana. In the end, rip it Power Sugar Free can be found extensively in Dollar Tree coolers, and its regularity at said store makes this one of the most reliable sources of quality for the price, however trite that statement sounds.

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