Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Archer Farms Energy Coffee Review

This is the only Archer Farms Coffee to not be additionally flavoured, which gives me blind hope considering that previous two varieties were bland disappointments. Its can, however, it surely the worst of the bunch even if it isn't necessarily all that bad. Mostly it's the earthward colour, the gold-like orange, that's rather unappetizing, but it's also the redundant, if not confusing "Coffee coffee energy drink" line. It makes naming the beverage difficult because you naturally want to avoid sounding stupid or repetitious, but without containing an actual flavouring in its title, it makes the previous drinks in the line read differently, which isn't desirable.

The fluid has a charming fragrance of both coffee and burnt sugar, if not toffee, however its flavour is lamentably worse. Don't get me wrong, though, it's far more potent tasting than any previous in the line, but it will not impress otherwise. There is initially an empty feel of skim milk, with its superficial dairy taste mocking your palate's desire for fat, but thankfully coffee is present, even if the brew is a bit weak. There is only the slightest interest of bitterness, which alongside the body's indistinct acidity, is just enough to remind the drinker that the product is coffee. Disconsolately though, neither acidity or sweetness become involved with the experience in any real capacity, but honestly I appreciate any improvements over the previous varieties. Overall, Archer Farms Coffee is the best of the three of the line, which isn't saying much unless the other two of the trilogy are also suffered through.

Sixty five milligrams will never be enough, and it's almost insultingly low. The kick is also insulting weak, with it not lasting a minute over bout half an hour or so. There are also various vitamins that vary in amounts, but they're far from important really. All in all, Archer Farms Energy Coffee is good considering the line, but not considering its competition.

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