Monday, August 8, 2011

Monster Heavy Metal Energy Drink Review

I've held off reviewing Monster Heavy Metal for a few years now for three reasons, the first being that it typically sells for an upwards of three plus dollars. The second is that it has been extraordinarily difficult to find up until its recent attack of Big Lot shelves. And the third is that other reviews of the drink have been unanimously unfavourable, which particularly made me reluctant of investing more than a buck fifty for. Its can, however, is actually quite nice, though the line has a sort of tradition about doing so. There is a lot of real estate to work with, but thankfully it was chosen not to jam the design with visuals or text, but there is just enough interest to prevent optical boredom.

The flavour is far more clement than anticipated, with large disclaimers of sour candy apple and vacuous grapefruit, but while the former does indeed taste familiarly honeyed, it isn't nearly as sugary as expected. It actually feels as if it's a confection representation simply because it disregards any honest sense of authenticity, and chooses to rather intensify the aforementioned sourness. But if we focus on the grapefruit, whom which is less arrant than the apple, we notice that it sort of deepens the flavour profile of the stronger fruit. The two taste surprisingly harmonious, even though they're not exactly publicized for doing so, and the citrus dually lays nether and abaft to the granny smith. And while it's trailing behind, the grapefruit leaves an unusually satisfying bitterness that's rather mild but kindred to that of its peel. Overall, Monster Heavy Metal's unparagoned exegesis of the two illustrated fruits is initially aberrant, if not unsettling, and while most will certainly denounce, I at least really started to enjoy each of the many sips the large thirty two ounce can offers.

Each can contains: caffeine(320mg), taurine, several B vitamins, guarana, ginseng, and inositol. The brand's average blend of ingredients kicks well, when there is four servings, and the buzz lasted a good five hours if wholly consumed. There were jitters, unsurprisingly, but not much of a subsequent crash. In the end, the large quantity of animadversion for Monster Heavy Metal's taste is justified, given the flavour's obvious niche quality, but this individuality was personally appreciated and pleasured.

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