Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tattoo Berry Energy Brew Review

Tattoo Berry makes a good first impression, with its consistent label graphics and overall theme. The design isn't cluttered, even though there is a decent amount of stuff going on, and because it achieves aggressiveness by going in a different direction than do most drinks, it doesn't feel trite and uninspired. The choice to say "brew" rather than "drink" is a bit unnecessary though, but that's really now just me trying to find fault.

Tattoo Berry is surprisingly sour, at least initially, and as things progress tartness is chosen as a replacement. Both of the former are sweetened much like any good candy of the such is, and this causes the sugariness to feel far less important on the flavour experience than do the two aforementioned. The actual taste is less of the suggested berry and more of the rhyming cherry, to be more specific, the maraschino variety. This may sound self contradictory, as the sweetness was just labeled as secondary, but it's just enough to nectarize the fruit. Both the tart and sourness, however, imbue a sort of authenticity that's depth developing for the cherry, and while the genuineness is superficially incongruous with the saccharinity, the experience demonstrates them both simultaneously and never tastes awkward or discordant. There are notes of both blue and red raspberry, both of which taste dulcetly crystallized, however unlike the general flavouring, they don't ever suggest factualness, but the two honestly do not really need to given that they're merely nuances. Overall, Tattoo Berry's taste is unexpectedly pleasing and it squeezes out uniqueness from such a seemingly usual taste.

Each bottle contains: caffeine, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and several B vitamins. The buzz lasted only around two or so hours, which makes it the drink's weakest area. Overall, it's hard to forgive impotent energy drinks, but Tattoo Berry Energy Brew's taste is solid enough to warrant a mild recommendation.

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