Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chill Zone NRG Kick Review

Not only did I struggle to decide on what its name is, Chill Zone NRG Kick calls itself both an energy drink and a soda, with neither label ever truly being correct. Sure, 170 milligrams of caffeine is adequate, equating to any underwhelming energy drink, but coming in your typical resealable plastic bottle it just can't escape feeling like one of those oft mediocre energy sodas. Furthering the confusion is the beverage's origins, which date back to being a fountain frozen slush, something that's still available.

Each sip chokes thanks to the dieter's nightmare of seventy eight grams of sugar, with the resulting drink resembling flavoured corn syrup more so than anything else. Okay, well perhaps "flavoured" isn't the right word, as the resinous refreshment lacks any actual taste, at least any immediately specific, and instead pierces the tongue with bland saccharine shrapnel. Cherry, lime, and orange are, or at least can be, identified, all with a candy coating that masks their honest complexion and swap their possible distinctiveness for dumbfounding sameness. Things are carbonated but only to a certain extent, and it doesn't help lessen its weight as it swims across your tongue. Overall and unless you didn't already pick up on it, I did not like the taste of Chill Zone NRG Kick.

Other than the aforementioned stimulant, each bottle also contains various B vitamins, taurine, and inositol, with the kick being very much pedestrian, lasting less than three hours. In the end, hill Zone NRG Kick isn't worth its 310 calories or its budget price tag.

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