Friday, December 16, 2011

Stacker 2 Classic Zero Energy Drink Review

Stacker 2 Classic Zero comes in about as generic of a can possible. There's no visual flare and nothing to capture the attention of anyone, and why it chooses to follow the universally defined word "zero" with "sugar free" is beyond me. The colours are about as bland as the can they appear on, and the yellow in particular is unappealing and unappetizing, and while the can could potentially look far worse, it couldn't look any more quotidian.

A name like "Classic" doesn't create excitement when you first open the can, and the scent initially confirmed my worries. But upon first sip you realize something surprising, and that's that the flavour isn't a prosaic Red Bull clone. It's heavy on the vanilla, a fake taste and thus a simple rendition, but there's an equally strong creaminess to it that distracts from the general ineptitude. Found within the former is the mild suggestion of blueberry, who gives the dairy walls some appreciated depth and edge. Each sip is unsparingly soured, and it has deep roots in artificial soil who's enriched with mild notes of apple. The fruit never winks in the name of authenticity, and it's one of the experience's more recognizable and comfortable characteristics. There really isn't much else going on with the flavour, and although Stacker 2 Classic Zero treads familiarity, it's easily one of the most inspired Red Bull clones to date.

Each can contains: caffeine, several B vitamins, taurine, and inositol. You get an hour long buzz from it, which wasn't impressive back then, and especially this day in age. Overall, Stacker 2 Classic Zero's flavour has fun within the drink's general mediocrity.

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