Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monster Rehab Rojo Energy Tea Review

Yes, these Rehab cans keep getting better, and even with Rojo Tea easily being my eye's favourite, I do fear that they're exhausting the design far too quickly. Too much of a good thing is certainly a possibility here, however I'll save my concern for another day, for when I'm inevitably right.

Actual cranberry juice is marginally used, a mere five percent, but the flavour benefits grandly by the harvested's slight edge of tartness and perfect sweetness. Things are further fine tuned thanks to the can's contents insignificant thickness, allowing the beverage's authentic depth to even extend to the tongue. But what's most laudable is the saccharinity, accomplished by true and artificial means, and how well balanced it is with all of the cranberry's little details and characteristics. There's also somewhat of a tea taste present(obviously), however it goes mostly unnoticed and seems to only surface well past the fruit's domination and into the last few sips. Its advent, though, is even a respected one, with its organic occupancy bringing even more validity to the party. Overall, no flavour is perfect, but Rehab Rojo is quite possibly the closest any Monster has ever been.

It's difficult to determine hydration unless you dehydrate yourself, something that I at least seldom do. The kick lasted something around three hours, wholly typical stuff thanks to typical ingredients: caffeine, guarana, taurine, tea, inositol, ginseng, B vitamins, and several extracts. Overall, Rehab Rojo shows surprising creativity, flavour-wise at least, something that I feared Monster had long since abandoned in favour of uneven gimmicks.

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