Monday, December 12, 2011

ABB Speed Stack Lemon Lime Energy Drink Review

If ABB Speed Stack Lemon Lime's appearance has one thing going for it, it has to be the resealable bottle, which is still an unnecessary rarity with energy drinks. Otherwise though, this isn't my favourite looking beverage, with its peculiarity and functionality coming off a tad too strongly. I do like the grip shaped molding, and things are admirably clean, but the hardcore audience it desires will probably be the only market not too intimidated to buy it.

Open a can of Diet 7Up, leave it for a few days and take a sip; that's what ABB Speed Stack Lemon Lime's non carbonated flavour tastes like. Things are actually a lot more viscid, though, with it eventually thickening, particularly towards the back of your throat. It ends up mimicking both of the fruit's pulp, albeit slightly, and this gives the "natural flavours" a lot more authenticity. The citruses both advertise a thick tartness, with the sensation dwelling within the creditable viscosity. There's also a medicinal sharpness to the former, being never quite piquant but always far from pungent, and it shocks the experience and keeps it from dulling to a plodding pace, even if it doesn't ever reach being a very exciting one.

The supplement facts list various extracts and supplements(obviously), many outside the usual taurine, ginseng, and guarana. Caffeine is present with a large 300 milligrams, and the kick is five hours long resultantly. In the end, ABB Speed Stack Lemon Lime delivers what matters when it comes to energy drinks, especially with these so called "extreme" or "intense" varieties.

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Anonymous said...

Lemon-Like Speed Stack used to taste fantastic. But the new formula is AWFUL. I don't know why they changed. I used to drink 3 a day. Now, I can't stand the stuff.

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