Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ABB Speed Shot Fruit Burst Energy Drink Review

The record for biggest self proclaimed "energy shot" could easily go to ABB Speed Shot Fruit Burst, weighing in at a large eight ounces. Preposterous is this, as I don't believe I've seen nothing larger than four ounces, and it does honestly seem a bit foolish to label itself as one and not a full blown energy drink. But I will give them some credit, as it does kinda look like an energy shot, albeit a gargantuan one.

Each sip is a poorly run kindergarten of fruit flavours: loud and unorganized, and if I could see the walls of the bottle I'd bet you'd find crayon markings all about. This hodgepodge can't focus on any single scholar, at least for very long, though cherry, raspberry, and guava are easily the brightest pupils in the class. There's also a new student, orange, a smart but easily manipulated flavour who forms an unwise "friendship" with lime, the school bully and leader of a mischievous band of pear and cranberry. The little rascals causes all sorts of trouble for the teacher, who's surely looking to change her career, and it runs all throughout the experience, distracting the tongue and keeping the other, well behaved children from shining as strongly. Dramatic? Yes, but it illustrates the equally playful experience well.

There is a lot contained by the grey plastic bottle, but what impresses me most is the large 250 milligrams of caffeine. It kicks hard, lasting four hours easy, though I at least felt some of the jitters. And although I refuse to honestly call it an energy shot, I will call ABB Speed Shot Fruit Burst impressive.

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