Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mini Thin Rush Orange Energy Shot Review

Mini Thin Rush Orange comes in a bottle that is an embarrassing union of cliches, with no visual flair or even the faintest of personality. Statements are strung about with little purpose, if any at all, and the stock graphics of boring people doing boring things completes the beverage's bargain bin likeness.

Having "natural flavours" doesn't necessarily guarantee authenticity, and while this is far from 100% juice, it isn't initially bad for such a little drink and only gets better. Obviously orange is present, complete with a tad of upfront sourness and decent saccharinity, with the former distracting much of the latter's innate sugar free artificiality. There isn't any caustic bitterness though, from either the just prior or the 200 milligrams of caffeine, which itself is as impressive as the actual amount of everyone's favourite stimulant. There aren't many sips left now to take, and aside from its dull creative edge, I'm happy to report that Mini Thin Rush Orange firmly exemplifies a sort of simplistic bliss. 

There are a couple of B vitamins, as well as taurine, present outside my aforementioned namesake, though the four hour buzz is a bit shy of the promised six. All in all, Mini Thin Rush Orange is generally decent, and only really impresses thanks to my incredibly low expectations.

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