Saturday, December 24, 2011

Roaring Lion Energy Drink Review

Though looking superior to its sugar free brethren, Roaring Lion original isn't going to win any awards, as its intended parody of Red Bull leaves little room for its own personality to develop. Sure, I'm a fan of the clean blue can, with its minimal text and absolute fluidity, but this day in age one is all too bored of imitations.

Sips are impressively smooth and border on addicting, as I was a good three in before I even knew what happened. The carbonation helps carry the anticipated taste of apple along efficiently, with no time to stop and gum up the street it travels. The ride the fruit drives is a sweet one, literally so, one that is as genuinely toothsome as it is generous. There's a tart trailer following the former each time the drink hits your taste buds, but it's a pleasantly puckering property that thankfully doesn't slovenly sour this road trip of an experience. Roaring Lion is actually missing some of the interior fabrication that makes up the abused classic that is Red Bull, but who's complaining about the lack of any exhausting gumminess or monotonous medicinal taste?

Each can contains: 152 milligrams of caffeine, some B vitamins, inositol, and taurine. You also get 200 calories and fifty grams of sugar, and the kick is something all too typical; two and a half hours with minor jitters. Overall, Roaring Lion is a tired self aware spoof that suffers from its source material's own infirmity.

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Yup, just another rip off by ex-employees who stoled the formula (

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