Monday, December 26, 2011

Vojo Citrus Energy Mints Review

I've gotta say, Vojo Citrus Energy Mints come in a pretty attractive container, looking like a sort of premium pack of Tic Tacs. The copious blackness gives things a sexy sleekness, and the package as a whole is consistently slick. I must mention, though, that the opening to the candies is a bit too small, but the company should walk with pride knowing that it's my only complaint thus far.

Being so small and caffeinated, they obviously must be sweetened generously to counter its bitterness, but since only sugar alcohols and those synthetic are used, their aftertaste is quite biting, comparable almost to that of the stimulant it masks. The citrus taste is blandly of only orange, a lonely fruit that is solely accompanied by the slightest sourness, one that's quickly lost within the walls of the pungent substitution. Each individual mint melts rather smoothly, pretty soon after its initial contact with the tongue, however if you chose to chew any of the forty or so pieces you're left with a mess of soft chalky bits that are entirely displeasing, much like the experience itself.

Like my mommy tells me, I am a good boy, and being a good boy of course I researched the caffeine content, as the box cruelly makes no specific mention of it. My findings varied from two to ten milligrams per mint, but my personal time with them prove that either amount isn't quite sufficient. Although it does truly depend on how many you eat, with such a poor taste, it's truly difficult to suffer through enough to get a decent buzz.

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