Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Jak Yellow Energy Drink Review

This greenish yellow is not as prepossessing as was the Orange variety's orange. The "Yellow" banner above the logo is very difficult to read, and although there is nothing particularly creative about it, the design feels professional and premium regardless. On the can's back one does wonder why the caffeine content (164mg) is listed separate from the supplement facts, shyly stated below and almost as if the drink is shameful about the rather mediocre amount.

Big Jak Yellow was opened without very high expectations, and the unbosomed flavor is superficially nothing special. Tasting almost blandly of lemon, it is gratuitously sugary without any expression of depth. If anything some melon taste comes into sight, but the focus remains exclusive to its tart and summarized citrus. I was ready to call the flavor an 'uninterestingly cautious abridgment a fruit's honest complexity,' but the gulps were refreshing and they were big. This is a guilty pleasure if I have ever tasted one, a forgivably inept experience hitting all the right spots at all the right moments.

In addition to the aforementioned caffeine, each can contains: some taurine, ginseng, inositol, and B vitamins. The extracted energy lasted a jittery three hours with the absence of a crash. On the whole, Big Jak Yellow may not be worth full price, but it is worth the spare pocket change.

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