Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rip It Java Mite Energy Shot Review

A rather refreshing departure from the brand's usual visual monotony, Java-Mite's packaging is aggressive and dynamic. It is easy to read despite its indiscriminate texture, although things are not exactly overtly coffee related to the eyes.

Pungent with chocolate artificiality, this brown beverage is thin but packed with fantastic mocha nuance in an ocean of fake coffee greatness. Sweetness is sharp without much disingenuity, complementing this stout two ounces of complete falseness. There is no bitterness, from neither the condensing or from the coffee extract, however the texture is thin and watery; the lack of creaminess, apocryphal or authentic, is sadly missed. But this swift sipping shot finishes too soon to truly care or notice, an experience billowing with personality and creativity.

Some taurine, caffeine (100mg), B vitamins, glutamine and glucuronolactone are the sources for a stock two hour buzz. I had jitters and crashed somewhat after, surprising considering the soft strength. Energy shots have looked, tasted, and preformed better, but as a budget, coffee shot, it is not half bad.

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