Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Water Sensations Energy Citrus Liquid Water Infusion Review

A golden boarder is succeeded by white and baby blue, minimalistically designed with perhaps a touch too much text. It is concentrated in a sole location, and suffers from poor readability thanks to misguided color choice or font size.

With the allegation that stirring and shaking are superfluous, I sipped immediately after the liquid's initial greeting. The citrus flavored fluid was identically viscous to water but the recommended sixteen ounce serving proved too overwhelming. You can hardly detect any depth or how well the fruits are impersonated. There is something of lemon to each sip, weakly sour and sweet, but it is too light to really notice any nuance. There is no lime to note or any other citrus; just the little yellow fruit who's effete potency prevents it from making it an experience dedicated to the tropical export. I was bored for the sixteen ounces of botched tries at refreshment and subtly.

For energy, there are 100 milligrams of caffeine and varied quantities of B vitamins, kicking for two or so hours with restricted strength. On the whole, the creativity and ingenuity are appreciated, but not much else.

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