Saturday, March 30, 2013

red rain Redeem Energy & Hydration Drink Review

Because you could not redeem any other red rain Energy Drink, the five cents back to the customer was just such a great bargain for customers that the drink itself is named after it... In all honesty, I really have no idea why Redeem is named "Redeem,"  but you do not have to look hard to discover the company's inspiration. The can is shockingly good, sexy black with ample yet sharp strokes of yellow, and white pin stripes that add more than they probably should. There is far too much text just below the flavor however.

An uninteresting ripoff of Monster Rehab, at least at first glance; Redeem's lemonade is far more sour than the competition. It tastes like the summer refreshment should, followed with a slight earthy bite with bitter highlights thanks to the tea. Sweetness is artificial but unassumingly so, brightening the citrus with a verve and passion that would make both the aforementioned and Rockstar's attempts jealous. The mouthfeel is somewhat airy with perhaps some pulp, and without carbonation each sip is smooth, and the near fifteen ounce can is exhausted expeditiously. Unoriginal to be sure, but this red rain does have some redeeming qualities.

There is a decent little kick here, just under four hours long with jitters. Each can contains: caffeine (190 milligrams), b vitamins, taurine, ginseng, and guarana. To end, red rain Redeem is a timeworn experience that surprisingly surpassing its inspirations.

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