Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Golazo Mandarina Energy Drink Review

Despite the brand's continued use of the same attractive design, Mandarina is a rather unhandsome energy drink; the orange is too much and with a name like "Golazo" we do not need any more Spanish. It is followed by the English expression "Mandarin," however with everything else in my native language one wonders what is with the inconsistent polyglotism.

Despite having twenty one grams of real sugar and the use of Stevia, this basic flavor is unexpectedly dry and unpleasantly so. The earthiness of the latter sweetener sheaths any and all attempts at depth, barely even permitting a fruity finish. Instead only the beginning of any given sip resembles the citrus, less mandarin and closer to the stock 'orange' taste of store brand soda. The sourness is atypically basic and bated, two words who go on to describe the overall experience.

Despite 100 milligrams of caffeine, some guarana and D-ribose, the kick lasted two hours before relieving you of its mediocre buzz. In the end, Mandarina is an unpalatable Golazo variety, who in spite of being a bitter pill, is not the company's worst.

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