Monday, July 9, 2012

GAzZU Cherry Energy Drink Review

The GAzZU line is an elusive one; I can never seem to locate these drinks intentionally, always when I am just passing by the coolers on my way to the little critic's room or something. Its can is not bad considering its store brand, although it does feel a tad empty and a bit faded.

My finger found no trouble sinking below the tab, followed by a soothing snap and tender fizz. The flavor is a bit bland at first, chemical and dry and only barely tasting of cherry. Sourness and sugariness do eventually build, however the latter only honeys the back end of any given quaff. It makes for a good aftertaste but not a good "current-taste(?)," a surprise considering its trilogy of sweeteners and fifty four grams of the stuff. Although GAzZU Cherry plays some notes never before heard from a generic energy drink, it is an indolent experience who is a pinch awkward in large gulps.

Each can contains: 240 milligrams of caffeine, some taurine, a few B vitamins, and bit of inositol. The buzz was solid enough, no greater than comparably caffeinated brews but lasting longer than most of its competition. Overall, GAzZU Cherry is a dubious drink who's frustrated flavor cannot be ignored.

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