Saturday, July 7, 2012

V8 Berry Blast Energy Shot Review

What we have here is a seventy five cent, discounted mess of visuals, cluttered and difficult to read. I like the side that hails "Energy," but the other side is busy and not nice to look at. Vegetable juices, even when disguised by fruits, have never interested me, clearanced ones especially as there must have been some reason for it.

The two and a half ounce bottle opens to unleash a rather unpleasant stench of produce, however the flavor is not nearly as lousy. Being so diminutive the taste unquestionably feels compromised, rough around the edges purely due to its size. The berry taste where it gets its name come from raspberry and blackberry mostly, with some strawberry and a touch of cherry present. It is hard to decipher the latter list when so much is packed into so little and when so few quaffs are offered. The harvest is somewhat tart and appropriately sweet, well balanced and cloak the veggies impressively. There is a slight bitterness to many of the few sips however, well covered but only to a certain extent, and there is a finishing burn of artificial sweeteners. Overall, while not necessarily bad, the company's energy drinks are certainly kinder to the tongue.

Who knows how many milligrams of caffeine are contained here, but there is definitely some, as well as taurine, A, C, and B vitamins. The buzz lasted a decent two plus hours, a gentle uplifting without any jitters. All in all, V8 Berry Blast is a middling energy shot, entirely unspectacular and surely not without problems.

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