Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wat Aah Energy Review

I do not quite know what to make of this peculiar product, a beverage claiming to give energy despite its lack of caffeine or anything. Instead it contains oxygen, which is no more "energizing" than simply breathing is. Its bottle is clean and simple but childish and annoying, and it does a surprisingly poor job at defining what exactly it is.

It smells like water, perhaps with a touch of plastic, and it tastes like water, again with perhaps a touch of plastic. It is clean without the taste of any other impurities or minerals, and is refreshing like Adam's ale always is. But while on a functionality level the drink works, one cannot help but ponder the missed opportunity for something flavored. At $1.99 it is expensive considering it is only H20 and "oxygen," a useless investment for something available in bubblers and on tap across America. Are my criticisms directed more at bottled waters in general and not Wat Aah specifically? That may be, but I would not be discussing their stupefying existence if this did not call itself an "energy" drink.

There is no energy to speak of, none of that 'mental clarity' and 'focus' crap these drinks always hollowly promise. None of that mad sugar rush we all guiltily enjoy, and none of the jittery aftermath. The back of the bottle tells me to "forget about caffeine," but how can I when it promises energy? Overall, Wat Aah Energy is a confused and confusing concept with a bemused and bemusing execution.

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Anonymous said...

H2O not H20. If you're going to be a pompous idiot at least proof-read.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and this 'childish and annoying' packaging is like that because its a product FOR CHILDREN

iluvmyiphone said...

I have to disagree with this post because you've got the product all wrong.

It's a drink for children promoting a healthy lifestyle. It's not meant to give you that artificial "sugar high" feeling like a drink like Red Bull does. It's meant to keep your body nourished and refreshed, provide energy and keep your body going in a natural way. I think it's a great product but if you're looking for that "wake me up" feeling this definitely isn't that product. It is only water after all.

And I have to disagree with it tasting anything like plastic. This is one of the most crisp, clean-tasting waters I've ever tasted. It may be the first water I've ever consumed that leaves no after taste whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it tastes like bottled tap water. And your body cannot use oxygen that isnt in your lungs. We are not fish. This product is literally preying on americans stupidity

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