Tuesday, July 3, 2012

XS Tropical Blast Energy Drink Review

How the color blue is 'tropical' is beyond me, and the bright and cartoony can is not especially energetic. The logo is easy to spot however, but that is not enough to carry the well-worn weight of the design. Its caffeine free version looks similar with the addition of the red banner warning about the lack of the stimulant, but it simply worsens its already uneven flow.

It certainly smells good, but if only the flavor was as good. Each sip swallows roughly thanks to its potent carbonation, and any taste hides well within. There is a bit of a fruity finish however, which is actually quite decent save for the artificial bite from the proxy sugars. The effervescence ebbs eventually, and the once flavorful aftertaste migrates to being the definitive taste. But by this point there is only a gulp or two left to take, and even if you break into another can you must undergo the same bubbly misfortune. The caffeine free substitute is admiringly less fizzy, however when one weathers the disciplined experience, its interminably vapid bouquet of fruits is unearthed. Pineapple and mango are on the forefront, and backup comes in the form of lime, raspberry, and lemon. It is an unfocused association, one without balance and certainly without depth. It is a run of the mill flavor, a completely drinkable one, but never anything more.

Each can contains: caffeine (eighty three milligrams), B vitamins, taurine, and folic acid. The kick lasts only about an hour, and the caffeine free variety lasts even less. In the end, XS Tropical Blast is pretty decent for its line, an entirely unimpressive, often awful line.

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