Sunday, July 1, 2012

Talon Blood Punch Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

The transition to 'sans sucra' comes without any sacrifices, and even the obligatory addition of bare aluminum looks fantastic despite its usual cheap quality. The quite literally trademark black burning bird is great contrast, and the liberal peppering of blood red ties the visuals to the flavor.

The regular version was too corporate a punch, a boring experience without depth and with zero creativity. This diet interpretation is an incredible sugar free simile to the original, equally lethargic a brew who only passes by being impressively sweetened. There is still not much of the promised blood orange flavor, only a soft citrus semblance lost within a cliche cocktail of cherries and guava. It is not a smooth drink, rather a roughly bubbly broth of gruff fruits with a strident stitching. This is a dull drink who sips sluggishly without enthusiasm, and although certainly not a bad drink, you cannot help your lust for much more.

Each can contains: guarana, caffeine (160mg), taurine, some B vitamins, inositol, and ginseng. The buzz lasted some time under four hours, with surprising jitters though without a crash. In a pinch Talon Sugar Free Blood Punch would do, and I would pick it up over the original calorie bomb any day, but in the end it is just too unremarkable.

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