Friday, June 29, 2012

Hydrive Decaf Wild Peach Energy Drink Review

Hydrive Wild Peach is caffeine free and cost me sixty cents, and looks worse than it sounds or should. The absence is prominent but a sad reality, and the soft pink liquid and orange label combo is ungainly and only works with the said flavor. It is a clean bottle however, easy to read despite the needlessly large "decaf," and for a line so strong this idea feels so stupid.

I would not mind smelling like this on a first date, a relaxed scent of the obvious with edges of earthy realism. The flavor is similarly authentic but kinder to the nose than the tongue, initially coarse but soon mellows to a more palatable savor. It tastes rather strongly of peach with decent replication of its natural idiosyncrasies, with only with a sugary bite following each sip. The latter is a constant reminder of its lack of juice and that this is an energy drink, but it clashes with the naturalness it otherwise intends. It is a confused fifteen and a half ounces, not at all unpleasant but is part of line possible of so much more.

Well there is no caffeine, but there is: B vitamins, d-ribose, choline, amino acids and electrolytes. My body (and head) still ached for caffeine, but I surprisingly was not lethargic. Overall, even if Hydrive Decaf Wild Peach had caffeine, it would still be a disappointment.

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