Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Archer Farms Cherry Citrus Energy Drink Review

Seemingly forgotten in favor of their awful coffee concoctions, this is the first new Archer Farm fruity or normal energy drink seen since 2010. But perhaps that is a good thing, as the line never wows or provides anything but a painfully generic generic beverage. Expectations for this variety are no different, with its nonsensical pinkish can and bland text exclusivity.

The first thing tasted is certainly cherry and citrus, the last namely lime and lemon, however their vicarious sweetener aftertaste is distracting despite the tongue's future blindness to it. Otherwise the two flavors are surprisingly refreshing, rather reductive constructs who nonetheless shine thanks to the product's dynamic tartness. Each of the twelve ounces is swiftly sipped, undeterred by the grainy texture and impressive weight in the mouth. Overall, this is such an unsurmised joy that while drinking its posh price of $1.99 does not seem so steep.

But for that much dough there should at least be a decent kick, but with only taurine, B vitamins, ginseng, guarana, and seventy milligrams of caffeine, that simply is not achievable. The energy lasted an hour if one is generous, so weak that jitters or an ulterior crash were beyond possible. Through and through, Archer Farms Cherry Citrus is much better suited at being a soda than energy drink.

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