Monday, February 7, 2011

Strontium Energy Powder Review

Strontium is one of the several varieties available in the Nuclear energy powder line, and they all come in a tube rather than a sachet that houses other energy powders. The decision to utilize tubing makes sense, I guess, as each variety is named after a chemical and if high school chemistry taught us anything, it would be that test tubes are the only way to hold chemicals, outside the flask. Strontium's container is clear, exposing the red grainy substance, and this along with the red cap attempts to create a visual signal that the supposed flavour is strawberry. The packaging also features a yellow sticker that holds the bare necessity of text(name, bar code, ingredients, etc.), and while clutter is expected given its small size, the label is surprisingly clean and it easily stresses both the novelty of the product as well as keeping a playful seriousness.

Strontium Strawberry is successfully able to mask the natural bitterness of caffeine while also presenting a palatable flavour. It begins with a sourness that's overt in a fashion not all too different from your typical sour candy, and the initially coarse texture smooths out quickly once it meets the saliva. The actual taste is first identified proceeding the sourness and is obviously of strawberry, and while the sour degree instills a strong confection presence, its high sweetness also aids in this honeying. It isn't confounding that the genus fragaria flavour disregards tasting natural, however the taste is well rounded in the sense that the sugariness is strong yet respectful of the flavour it garnishes. The disconcerting thing, however, about the overall taste is that the strength of the strawberry is so mild, almost taking a backseat to the sour and saccharinity, but it adduces a zaftig quality that's meritorious. No other fruits or flavours advertise other than the strawberry, and while there wasn't any notice of bitterness or unpleasantness before or following, the sweetness did become somewhat cloying as the eight grams of powder left the tube. Overall, Strontium tasted robust and each grain of powder provided pleasure, however I have trouble keeping the curved ended tube upright. But while that doesn't exactly have much to do with flavour itself, it was certainly a problem once I opened the product to experience the taste.

Each tube contains: caffeine(ninety mg) and, well nothing really but caffeine, which is partially forgivable given the achieved veiling of its taste. I say partially as I've had more potent powders as well as weaker ones. I felt only about two hours of energy, perhaps less, and I did feel minor jitters. I did crash, however it may of been because of all the sugar. In the end, Strontium Energy Powder wasn't the best looking, tasting, nor was it the most powerful energy product, but of its kind, I would acclaim it as the more well rounded of the three that I've come across.

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