Saturday, December 3, 2016

Surge Soda Review

Back from the dead a few years ago, this slow moving zombie only recently made its way onto store rather than exclusively online shelves. That is right, twenty-somethings, it is your favorite Mtn Dew clone Surge, Coke's infamous attempt after lusting over the over sweet, caffeinated soda sub-genre. But enough Wikipedia history. Its can is a tall green one, with a very 90's red splat and almost comic-sans font logo.

A flood of high fructose corn syrup and muddled citrus notes boom out from the can as you take your first sip of this toxic-green colored concoction. Saccharine grapefruit is the star here, intransigent flavor with super tempered citrus notes. Most notably, there is lime, building atop and imbues every imbibe with a assuaged sourness and pacified zest. Orange fairs better, a fresher tasting and slightly more tart fruit. Then there is the lemon, a most diluted flavor, deadened to breed bland complexity into each rather unexciting sip. Otherwise, deep in every gulp, melon, maybe honeydew, and orange here; never poking much into the experience, adding distant nuance. Overall, Surge is a decent Mtn Dew clone, reminding me more of Vault and Sun Drop's child.

Each can contains: sixty nine milligrams of caffeine, and 230 calories thanks to the fifty six grams of sugar. Overall, Surge is a fun way to relive your early sugar soda binging years, but otherwise is not that much fun.

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