Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dragon Tail Ice Mint Blizzard with Lemon Energy Drink Review

Dragon Tail Ice Mint Blizzard with Lemon- sheesh, what a long name! Why not reduce it to "Lemon Blizzard" or something? Its prolix title is particularly egregious considering the other variety I purchased is simply "Blazin' Tropical." But the bottle is otherwise fantastic, its logo a chrome side shot of the mythical namesake creature, and the glass has a terrific heft to it.

Its flavor, flooding back memories of Stoked Wild Chill, of course had no chance of living up to the lofty expectations laid by its appearance, and it does not. But it sure tries. First sip punches your palate with a burst of mint, its cooling property freezing your taste buds and turning them blind to the muted taste of lemon, more of a nuance than its bottle insinuates. Forty grams of sugar, all of the pure cane genus, sweeten gentler than anticipated, giving the experience a less candied feel than most. This mintiness remains deep in the back of your throat and intensifies the more you sip, but that is where the problem arises- the menthol itself does not exercise the depth demanded by leading a twelve ounce drink. Additional citrus would have aided the herb's vapid representation here; things unfortuantley begin tasting like a lemon cough drop.

Each bottle contains: 160 calories and unknown amounts of both caffeine and guranan. It probably is not a grand quantitity either; the kick is the most mundane thing about this minty glass bottled beverage- why go out of your way to make such a statement, both to the eyes and to the tongue, if you are not going to do the same for its kick? Overall, Dragon Tail Ice Mint Blizzard with Lemon is an uneven potable, but I cannot ignore the risks it takes, even if they are not followed all the way through.

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