Monday, December 19, 2016

Popeye Anchorin' Apple Energy Drink Review

After three years of waiting comes another variety of Popeye, a surprisingly tasty line of drinks based off of the comic strip. This time things are Anchorin' Apple, but aside from the flavor and the word "energy," the can struggles to demarcate from the brand's variants.

Seventy percent juice is a tall order and every imbibe of the lucent liquid tastes potently of the populous portion of fresh nectar. White grape and apple juice are the sole tastes, with the mystery "natural flavors" on the side of the can adding nothing but insipid intrigue. The myriad of mouthfuls this cartoon container conjures up a weight that only such a large quantity of juice offer, as well as a sourness that could pucker a lemon. But the root problem here is the flavor of apple itself; I can just go to any grocer and pick up a bottle. The brand's previous offerings, Blackberry and Clementine, won over my tongue by featuring fruits not famously sapped. I am sorry Popeye, but you will not be wining over Olive Oyl with this flavor.

Each can contains: B vitamins, vitamin C, and 160 milligrams of caffeine. The kick continues the cooler's decline into commonality, lasting two and a half hours. On the whole, Popeye Anchorin' Apple is the least interesting of the brand, no matter how well it impersonates its namesake fruit.

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