Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rage Inferno Grapefruit Citrus Energy Drink Review

Rage Inferno Grapefruit Citrus was sent to me without any information on the drink itself. What I mean is that there wasn't any mention of the flavour, and since the bottle doesn't have the luxury of a flavour indication, I couldn't pinpoint any difference(other than colour) from the previous Inferno. But I have now since confirmed that both are different products. But honestly, the lack of any suggested flavour could easily discombobulate potential drinkers, because if they saw both Inferno varieties, they could very well not know the difference. But moving onto the actual bottle itself, I have to say that while that I really like both twenty four ounce beverages and those that have resealable caps, the design looks only decent at best and the fire extinguisher top is still just a useless piece of plastic.

Opening the yellow bottle ushers a scent strongly alike that of fresh grapefruits. Its taste begins with a high tartness that acts in garnishing the namesake fruit, the likes of which is extremely realistic to the tongue. Adding in authenticity is a slight spike of tartness that gains an earthy attribute; this experience could easily be described as bitterness however I feel the surge is simply a disguised, if not confused, tartness. The taste of the grapefruit retains an admiral sense of legitimacy through out the duration of the twenty four ounces, and perhaps the most complementing facet is the surprisingly decumbent sweetness. The stunted sugariness respects the factualness presented by the fruit and although it has a insubstantial syrupiness, it isn't overt nor does it damage the otherwise absoluteness of the liquid. Mild sourness partially appears stitched to the latter half of the grapefruit and as the fruit lessens greatly to permit the growth of additional flavours, the sourness disconnects from the decaying and sycophants onto the more recent. The supplementary flavours include mango and peach, and the two are exposed in that order. Both fruits thrive with the decrepit saccharinity, and the mango taste is heavily vibrant despite its late surfacing. The peach, unlike the former, doesn't provide much actual taste and instead it just stings the fluid with a sharpness distinct to that of the fruit. In the end, the overall taste was pleasurable and the unorthodox focus on the seldom used grapefruit gives the flavour a stark uniqueness that was not found in the past Inferno variety.

Rage Grapefruit kicks just as strongly as I expected. I had slightly above five hours of mildly jittery energy, however I did crash once it was over. Each bottle contains: taurine, caffeine(375mg), and a few B vitamins. All in all, my only real problem with Rage Inferno Grapefruit Citrus is the fire extinguisher artifice, though I can see the gimmick causing a chuckle or two between caffeinated consumers.

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