Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot Pure Energy Drink Review

Hot Pure Energy grabs your attention, certainly, but it doesn't try to be visually appealing. The pink colour is stark, but the design itself is relentlessly inconsistent and doesn't ever do anything interesting once it has your eye's attention. Perhaps the foreign writing, or symbols or whatever they are, will seduce someone, or gosh forbid an entire demographic, and maybe there are folks that will appreciate the can for what it is, but I can't, and can only criticize it for the same reason.

The flavour plays with red raspberry mostly, or at least initially, and it's pleasingly sour and candied. The two latter elements give the fruit attributes that are distracting from the inane representation, but more importantly from the nugatory sweetness that discharges a slight aftertaste. Following is a bit of an indirect ginger that imbues partial spice intricacy into the experience, and there is also a braiding of blue raspberry and strawberry to taste. And although neither of the two fruits are anywhere near complex, they both further complicate a seemingly simple affair, and they continue to divert from any blemishes brought about by the artificial sweeteners or by the antecedent flavours. Now, most of these "feminine drinks" are molded vaguely similarly, so Hot Pure Energy's flavour isn't exactly anything new even if it's rather well done.

The kick was rather tame, in terms of strength, and length wise it only lasted about two hours, if that. Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, various B vitamins, inositol, and D-ribose. Overall, Hot Pure Energy tastes good, but not good enough for one to forgive the vexatious can and rudimentary buzz.

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