Sunday, August 28, 2011

Go Girl Lemon Drop Energy Drink Review

Go Girl Lemon Drop may be the second feminine drink to be reviewed in a row, but it tries its hardest to look different. The black is such a stark comparison to the pink of similarly themed drinks, and it also doesn't exclude males with its appearance. The yellow really pops off of the aforementioned background, and the minor design, consisting of mostly spirals, gives enough visual detail. The lower section of the can, however, gets a bit busy, as the three angled statements below the logo shouldn't be so large. They should all vary in size, at least slightly, and they should not be so close together.

The flavour is rather familiar, though that isn't surprising with one that has written so many reviews. The non carbonated fluid tastes sharply of lemon, and for the lack of any actual juice, there is a laudable authenticity to it, complete with faux pulp that gives the fizzless liquid some textural interest. That's not to insinuate that it will fool anyone for being genuine, as it certainly won't, but the experience does try and to some success, well, to about as much success as any big name canned lemonade. There is just the right amount of sourness for the involved fruit, and although its sweetness isn't to the desired strength, the fact of being sugar free allowed for this being almost expected. There is even a sort of a slight tartness to taste, and while it's rather trivial in terms strength, the depth it provides helps the fruit to achieve even more imitation naturalness. Overall, Go Girl Lemon Drop is better tasting than either Monster's or Rockstar's recovery offerings, even if this isn't in that category.

Caffeine(100mg), taurine, inositol, and several B vitamins can only provide a buzz so strong; one that lasts a bit less than two hours. All in all, Go Girl Lemon Drop is all around pleasant even if it isn't all around successful.

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