Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Firestar Cola Energy Powder Review

In addition to being their most unique offering, Firestar Cola is easily the best looking of any in the line. The black and red colour combination is naturally appealing as well as being well suited for anything energy related, and the design's flames really pop compared to previous varieties.

The flavour begins sweetly acidic, with deep notes of citrus, cinnamon, and vanilla, all binded to create a familiar cola taste. The fruit implications are of lemon, orange, and lime, and although none of the three are explicit flavourings, their slight strength differences are represented by their respected order. The prior trilogy are all connotations however, so don't go anticipating anything in the sense of sour or tartness. There are some hints of clove subjacent to the former spice, and while only a suggestion, it provides such laudable depth to the aforementioned. The vanilla is authentic and imbues excellent creaminess, though it isn't displayed comparably to cream soda. What is perhaps the experiences best characteristic is how well everything tastes with such a frank saccharinity, as while each aspect is exceedingly sugary, nothing ever feels unpleasantly or inorganically so. Overall, Firestar Cola's flavour is how one imagines any such soda would taste had it been boiled down into a powder.

Lamentably so, there is only about half the caffeine of previous varieties, which in turn only provides a two hour or so long buzz. In the end, Firestar Cola, outside the unimpressive kick, leaves me with great excitement for more soda inspired flavours from the, or really any, company.

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